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French Toast Pastry

Posted by zerfall on October 13, 2009

Yesterday I was trying to come up with something to make for breakfast with the things I had left in my kitchen, when I remembered a french toast casserole my roommate made for me a while back. I had some left over pastry crust from making pumpkin pie for thanksgiving so I decided to make a sort if french toast quiche or pie. This is really easy to make, doesn’t use many ingredients, and has a great not too sweet cinnamon flavour.

French Toast Pastry
4 servings (or 2 ‘man’ sized servings)

3 Eggs
3ml Cinnamon
5ml Vanilla
15ml Sugar
1 Panini Roll (or equivalent)
Enough pastry dough for a 9″ pie plate
Splash of milk

Preheat oven to 350F.
Cut the roll into 2cm cubes.
In a bowl add the eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and milk. Beat until combined. Add in the bread cubes stir and let sit for a minute to let the bread soak up all the eggy goodness. In the mean time roll out pastry to between 3-5mm and line 9″ pie plate.

Pour the egg-bread mixture into the pie pan, place on the middle rack of your oven, and bake for 15-20 min until the center of the pie has set.

Serve with maple syrup on top.


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