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Welcome to Single Servings/Creamy Cheesy Potatoes

Posted by zerfall on December 26, 2008

Welcome to single servings. This blog is where I am going to document my culinary experiences from now on. I’ll be posting on new recipes that I try as well as ways that I find make cooking for one easier for me.  I’ll also be posting about things that I’ve made to bring in to work and wow my co-workers, and things that have been successful at dinner parties I’ve had (hopefully this blog will inspire me to have my friends over for dinner a little more often in the new year.

Seeing how it’s the season for dinner with your friends and family and that I’ve had the request for this recipe from several of my friend that came to my Christmas dinner party I figured it would be the best one to kick things off with. This is one I got from the kitchn: Creamy Cheesy Potatoes. I am including the recipe with the alterations I made due to what I had and what I thought my friends would like, but full credit still goes to the original creator.
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